Why bother investing in changing your life? 

Real words.

From real women.

Like you.

Who stepped in.

[When I started the program my marriage was] good but felt uneven/uncertain at times. I second guessed my commitment long term and sometimes felt myself feeling a bit “crazy” with anxiety about the longevity/future.

[After completing the 7 week program with Jenny], we have a really open line of communication, clarity around a shared goal of love and longevity and a way to check in and talk about issues that feels so much easier and with far less judgement than in the past….I feel so much lighter as a human being!! It’s like I stepped out of my body and can now see more clearly how I am operating, how I am being (or not) and how what I’m doing is or isn’t aligned with my own stated goals (both personal and professional); I feel super clear and confident about who I am and how to use that clarity to guide my future in my personal life and in my professional life.

[We went to therapy in the past and], while I really liked the therapist we saw –it always felt like we weren’t quite getting to the real issues, there was still information/feelings being withheld or somehow not accessible. This work [with Jenny] is super clear, sometimes super hard and really allowed me to look at me and ask myself “am I in?” and “what am I in for?” and am I being those things. It also gave me the ability to see my actions from the perspective of others in a way that somehow wasn’t accessible before, likely because I was still too busy trying to be right all of the time ; )

[My husband] has absolutely noticed a difference in me and so appreciates that I could actually understand his perspective and feelings in a way that I didn’t before. He’s probably a little less firm on the investment worth b/c it is a significant investment–that said, I think if we framed it how I did above, is it worth the rest of your life, he would probably agree too.”

But Crissy…this is a real investment of time, money and energy…is it really work it?

“How much is the rest of your life worth!?!?!”

Program Graduate Dec 2018

Before Jenny’s program I felt, “argumentative, not a priority, disconnected, taken for granted [in my marriage. After the program] my marriage is my priority. It teaches me what I need to see the most and I think about it every single day. I step into more anchored and consciously than I ever have in the past. I am more accountable, more anchored and clearer on how I choose to show up in this (and all) of my relationships.

[Unlike in couples counseling, in this program] We didn’t just pull out all the past bullshit, chew it up and spit it out. We worked in the present. We worked on setting up rituals for greater awareness and spirituality. This work DOESN’T focus on the problems. Instead, it gives you the tools to do the work to get to the intention that you desire. This program allowed me to get invested in something that matters to me, something that changed the way I love myself and the way I love others. I will keep my lessons from this training with me forever and THAT is worth more than anything.”

Program Graduate Dec 2018

[Before being mentored by Jenny my marriage was a ] “Train wreck. Completely disconnected. Zero attraction and so much contempt and feelings of hopelessness. [Now] We greatly appreciate each other. Our attraction is building and we have a totally different way of communicating. We both feel more safe and confident. [Since the program] I’m very aware of the energy and stories I used to bring to my marriage [that were not helpful]. I see my role in how we ended up where we were. I now work to show up as my most compassionate, living self in order to get the marriage I want.

This was all about what we can control, which is ourselves. Loved the spiritual and mindfulness foundation which is very different than therapy.”

What about the investment of time and resources?

Divorce is more expensive. Want a new marriage? Make the investment and you will get the return. I can’t thank [Jenny] enough. [She] helped me during one of the most difficult times of my entire marriage and for this I am forever grateful. [My husband] says I’m more approachable and he can see all the ways I’m putting in effort to love him. He’s glad we spent the money.”

Program Graduate Dec 2018