I know women like you.

  • You are successful.
  • Have a great job.
  • Your friends are amazing.
  • You have great kids.
  • You live in the house that you always wanted.
  • You take vacations to all of the beach-y places that you want to visit.
  • Everyone looks at you and your husband and they think that you are the perfect couple.
  • But there is something missing.

At night, when you go to bed but cannot sleep you fret because you know there is something missing. You feel like you are married to your roommate…not a “soulmate”. 

I know that you are tired of being unhappy in your marriage.

You wonder, “is this all there is?”

Your husband is a nice guy. Other women even envy how great your husband is. But for you, there is no spark. No magic. You feel like he is your roommate not your lover.

You are tired of feeling flat and disconnected from him and from your life.

You have tried therapy. Maybe even couples therapy, and things got better for a few weeks or a few months but then it just went back to blah.

Sometimes you think about getting a divorce — but then imagine what it would do to the kids. They LOVE this house and all of their friends nearby. They are finally in the perfect schools too. And you *hate* the idea of not being able to see them everyday.

And what kind of woman divorces a man…for being boring? For not having *chemistry*? For not *being in love*? That seems shallow.

But you don’t know how you will make it through another 5 or 10 years.

Sometimes you think about having an affair just so you will feel alive again. Just so you can feel excited and sexual passion. Oh sexual passion! Where did that go!

Or maybe you already had an affair and feel terrible knowing that you are now living with that secret and will never never tell him about it. But during stolen moments with your lover…wow…you felt parts of yourself that you haven’t felt in years.

I know women like you.

I know women like you because I help women like you who WANT to stay married — because they have a good life and they are married to good men (or women!) — feel alive again in their marriages.

I am Jenny Glick, licensed marriage and family therapist and certified sex therapist — but for YOU…for you I am not a therapist. For YOU…

I am your relationship mentor.

What we do here is not therapy.

What we do here is change your life. Period.

I will teach you:

  • the one thing that you can do every day to level up your marriage from 1.0 to 2.0
  • the seven things that you are doing right now that are sabotaging you from getting what you really want (connection!) with your husband.
  • the seven things that you can start doing immediately to start feeling more connected to yourself — and your husband!
  • tools so that you will never have the same fight over and over again!
  • how to be living in your relationship everyday so that it feels new and vital for the next 5, 10 or more years!

If you are still reading this copy, please join my masterclass now — it is free. I work with people like you to get results. This program is not for looky-Lou’s or tire kickers. This program is for highly motivated women who are ready to take 100% accountability for where their marriage is stuck and actively move it forward.


NOTE: this program is NOT therapy. This is an educational program. You will learn. You will implement. You will see changes.
Please read this legal disclaimer.