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"[This is] a life-changing women's group led by a brilliant mentor. Jenny expertly guides the members of the group to discover--through in-depth instruction, but also on their own, and through shared experiences--how to literally create the woman they want to be."

~ M.J., Colorado, March 2019 graduate

"I knew I needed to do this but I had no idea how. Using these skills I now experience more joy and lightness in my marriage, and more physical intimacy with my husband.  

This is an opportunity to stop over-thinking your relationship issues and instead take 100% accountability and learn what to actually do, daily, to change things."

~ A. W., Ohio, February 2019 graduate

"Wow, this program is the key to the rest of your life.

 In therapy we continue to work on our perceived problems and feelings. This program leaves that in the dust and helps me show up for myself and my relationship with softness, grace and ease. Therapy never seems to resolve the feelings or issues.  

Jenny was a genius at helping me see my role in my relationship. She was able to boost my awareness, increase my capability to show up for myself and relationship and gave me the skills to change anything in my life. Don't wait any longer to live the life you want."

AMP, Washington Program Graduate July 2019

"[Unlike in couples counseling, in this program] we didn’t just pull out all the past bullshit, chew it up and spit it out. We worked in the present. We worked on setting up rituals for greater awareness and spirituality. This work DOESN’T focus on the problems. Instead, it gives you the tools to do the work to get to the intention that you desire. This program allowed me to get invested in something that matters to me, something that changed the way I love myself and the way I love others. I will keep my lessons from this training with me forever and THAT is worth more than anything."

JG Program Graduate Dec 2018